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Monday, 1 June 2020

Worthing Local Group – Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Here are the songs suggested for us to sing in our locked down homes this coming Wednesday evening, 3rd June, between 8.00pm and 10.00pm.

June is now upon us and the glorious sunny weather we’ve had for a while makes it feel like high summer already. This month’s list of songs is again a mix, with some evoking different moods of the season, others acknowledging the difficulties these “Hard Times” have brought, but staying positive and looking ahead to the promise of gathering for a “good beer” and “singing the best song” when we can all get together again.

Accessing some of the song melodies and harmony recordings on this website may help and keep you company when you sing – and for those who have our "South Downs Songs” CD, you’ll have the chance on that to hear our voices singing together and to revisit an extra ‘old’ song or two. Enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch. It’s likely we will be here again in July for another ‘home’ session – but keep checking this website for any updates and plans for future sessions.

Country Life – always a jolly good warm-up
Rosebuds in June* – because it’s June!

Shepherd of the Downs* – and – Old Adam* – reminders of the benefits of co-support!

The Ladies Go Dancing At Whitsun – a wistful summer song, in remembrance

The Lark in the Morning – out there on the Downs singing well and ‘larking' around
Rolling in the Dew* – a rebuke to the lark perhaps...
The Cuckoo* – also out there and still calling, but with a sadder tale to tell in this song.

Hard Times of Old England*
Thousands or More*
West Sussex Drinking Song* – all probably speak for themselves... “Cheers”!

Stay safe,

*songs which are on the "South Downs Songs” CD

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