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Saturday, 15 December 2018

SDFS at 'Turning Tides' Ending Local Homelessness

Update 21st December 2018: Here is the set list, a repeat of our W&DLM set.

First Set:
  1. The Angel Gabriel
  2. Sussex Carol
  3. Falmer Carol
  4. The Holly and the Ivy
  5. Sugar Wassail
  6. Righteous Joseph
  7. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  8. The Fields Lie Silent
  9. Pentonville (While Shepherds Watched)

Second Set:
  1. Masters in this Hall
  2. Wassail! (Gloucestershire)
  3. The Moon Shone Bright
  4. The Holly Bears a Berry
  5. Where Stormy Winds Do Blow
  6. Coppers' Christmas Song
  7. A Round for the Festive Season
  8. Sweet Chiming Bells
  9. Deck the Hall
Saturday 22nd December 2018 at 12.30pm
St Paul's Centre, Worthing

Emily has arranged for us to support this two-week St Clare's Community Hub initiative on this day of song and music by various performers.

We will be performing a seasonal song set from 12.30 - 1.15pm top and tailed by other performers, so please arrive about half an hour before we are on. If you have lanyards please wear them. As at Petworth dark trousers/skirts, coloured tops, tinsel/hats etc. at personal discretion.

The songs will be taken from the ones we have performed at recent performances.

Thirty singers have signed up so far.

Being the last Saturday before Christmas, parking in central Worthing will be at more of a premium than usual especially as the multi-storey car park area by the Station is being redeveloped (it used to be the cheapest for the day).

Unless you are coming in by public transport exclusively, parking outside the Residents' Parking Zones and catching the bus or walking in would probably be best.

There is a perhaps a possibility of singing elsewhere in the central shopping area afterwards, if there is a consensus on the day with those taking part, depending on the weather and personal inclination.

Emily will be singing general seasonal songs at The Coast Cafe, Splash Point from 7.00pm which you are welcome to join in with.

Further information about Turning Tides: websiteFacebookTwitter

John C

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