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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Local Group Report – Chichester – Thursday 16th May 2019

A small but lively group of 11 singers gathered to lift their voices and drink their beers. A new member, Bob the Dog, attended to join Stanley and  Buster in the ever-expanding canine component of folk singers.

Alan was in the chair for the evening and started the proceedings by reintroducing the birthday round to celebrate Buster’s birthday. ‘Buster we wish you many happy returns and the best of love on your day of birth’.

Seasonal songs are often our weakest as they are sung relatively few times during the year. Thus, we spent some time practising some of our May songs in an attempt to lodge them more firmly in our long term memories. Hal and Tow, It is the First of May, The May Day Carol, Searching for Lambs. Then we moved on to some songs that we felt were falling by the wayside but we enjoyed. The Sussex Wedding Song, The Constant Lovers, Our Captain Cried all Hands, Saucy Sailor, Old Adam. Then a few favourites such as Ladies go Dancing at Whitsun  (well it soon will be).

At Chichester we like to try songs that members bring to the table; not necessarily to introduce them to the central home in Worthing, but to sing and perhaps learn them for our own pleasure and fun.

Alan and Anne brought along a rousing song that is sung by folkies widely across the UK. Many versions can be heard. This particular version was taken from a book published in 1885. ‘A Collection of Ballads as Sung by The Peasantry of England’. The White Cockade. The group spent some time learning the melody and the interaction of voices in the refrains.  

Lynn introduced us to a rather lovely May Song that we might consider for next year, Singing in the May.

The evening finished with our local signature song, Rolling Home. Then that is what we did!

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