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Monday, 27 March 2017

Heathlands Reunited Project

The following information has been received from Stephen A, if you are interested in this please contact him for further details.
The enclosed email from Bruce contains as much as has been decided. The walk on day 2 cover sections 3-6 and I expect our performance to be either at Tullecombe or Borden Wood.

See the Serpents trail guide here:

I would hope to sing:
  • The Stedham Oysterman’s donkey
  • Valiants All
  • The Saucy Sailor
  • and Mayner’s Whip (Farmer Albery’s song)
and I would give a bit of a spiel  about how the songs were collected.

This is the email referred to above, sent to Stephen by the Heathlands Reunited Project Manager:
As part of the Project there are a number of project activities to be carried out over the next 4.5 years

The activity you are interested in - is to work around  a roving storyteller along the Serpent Trail creating heathland tales along the way, particularly stories that reunite the landscape to people’s lives. Two storytelling walks will be held; one around the start of the project to collect and tell the old stories of the heathlands.  The second will be held towards the end of the project to create new stories of the heathlands.  The purpose is to reunite people with their local heathlands; help them to understand the historical links between their community and the landscape.  It is intended people will have learnt more about their heritage and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage. The Project needs 90 people to attend the event and 100 people need to have contributed stories to this activity.  So far the plan is to walk just over 10 miles a day - over six days and it starts on the 17th of July and ends on the 22nd of July.  The walk will be led by Dan Cornell and myself each day.  We are going to aim to take around 20 people each day. Day one will start in Haslemere and end at Iron Hill, day two will start at  Iron Hill and end at Older Hill, day three will be from Older Hill to Petworth, day 4 from Petworth to Sutton End, day 5 starts at Sutton End and ends at Midhurst Common and then the last day starts at Midhurst Common and ends at Petersfield Heath.

The day that we walk through the Borden area is on the 18th of July - so if your team are happy to come and add to the atmosphere by singing some local songs to us walkers that would be much appreciated. We will be stopping around Rake to watch a bit of sword play about the capturing of two of the Essex Gang (Highway men) and then on our way into Harting Combe – Tullecombe and on to Borden. The general plan is to have the wardens of the heath sites talk to us whilst we go through their heath sites and have Dan and myself fill in the gaps but also to have 3 small re-enactment scenes telling stories each day.  To have yourselves come along and sing would be an additional event that will really add into the spirit of this activity. Over the week we are intending to meet a mixture of characters including: Tennyson, Turner, Shepherd (Wind in the Willows illustrator), Elgar and on the last day Fran - for a tour of Ballard’s Brewery.  So as you can see it will hopefully have a little bit to entertain most people’s interest.

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