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Monday, 3 October 2016

Slindon Apple Day 2016

Saturday 8th October 10am - 4pm
In the field behind the Jubilee Orchard and The Forge in Reynolds Lane, Slindon.

Yes, it’s that day again and keeping fingers crossed that the weather will be as good as last year. If it is variable we have the adjacent village hall in reserve.

We will be singing the two song sets that we sang at Midhurst two weeks previously, at midday and 2.00pm, so please arrive by 11.30am especially with regard to parking.

Complimentary coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided in the hall during the day for contributors.

Parking will be either on the adjacent roads through the village, or in the field to the south of the hall if you don't mind picking your way around the sheep poo!

Look forward to seeing you there.

John C.

First set:
  1. Country Life
  2. Pleasant And Delightful
  3. On Sussex Hills
  4. Rolling In The Dew
  5. Rosebuds In June
  6. Run Of The Downs
  7. Smuggler’s Song
  8. West Sussex Drinking Song
  9. Hard Times Of Old England
  10. Green Grow The Laurel
  11. The Turnip Hoer

Second set:
  1. Oak, Ash And Thorn
  2. Twanky Dillo
  3. The Magpie
  4. The Woodcutter’s Song
  5. The Nightingale
  6. Fathom The Bowl
  7. Ebernoe Horn Fair
  8. Life Of A Man
  9. Thousands Or More
  10. Sussex By The Sea
  11. Jolly Good Song

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