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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Belloc Day, Saturday 1st March

Hilaire Belloc Day is on Saturday 1 March, with an afternoon of eating, drinking, singing, walking and then more drinking and singing.  Leave that out of your diary if you can!

Somewhere in the middle of all that, Chris Hare will be talking to the assembled multitude about Belloc's poetry.  He won't be leading the walk this year though.  Detailed arrangements for the day are on the special Belloc Day page.

Not an event to be missed, methinks

Should you wish to explore further, you might find Belloc's Wikipedia page to be of interest.

Adrian F

"At Beechwood Hall, where I do drink
Chris Hare would have my poor brain think
Of erstwhile times - and make the link
to the Downs in years gone by .....

We learned how Belloc liked to write
And in debate, he loved a fight
And how his faith, it shone so bright

Which nobody can deny, deny, deny, deny, deny, deny
If he does, he tells a lie."


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