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Friday, 10 March 2017

Local Group Report – Worthing – Wednesday 1st March 2017

We started our singing with some favourites, Pleasant and Delightful, Rosebuds in June and then Thousands or More, before working on The Farmer’s Toast, Jim the Carter Lad and Follow Me Home. After having heard it sung at our Wassail in January, we then tried and enjoyed a song known to some but not all of us - The Brisk Young Ploughboy. (It was suggested that, if also liked by our Lewes and Chichester colleagues, we could in due course consider adding this one to our SDFS repertoire.) We continued with a mixture of songs by request - Eileen Aroon and Poor Froze-Out Gardeners before a well earned break, and then Sussex Hills, Drink Me Brave Boys and Ha’nacker Mill, before finishing in more spring-like mood with a cheery rendition of Country Life. Many thanks again to Emily and Alan, our song leads for the evening.

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