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Monday, 19 February 2018

Two New Songs

Here are two new songs that we may soon be using in our performances.

The Bee-Boy’s Song Download pdf file

The Lark in the Morning Download pdf file

Local Group Report – Worthing – Wednesday 7th February 2018

We welcomed two new singers to this month’s gathering. They did well joining in as we ran through of all the songs due to be used at the “Worthing Seed Swap” event the following Saturday. With this event and the damp chill of the February evening outside in mind, we sang of a Country Life, of wood and woodcutters, farmers and ploughboys, frozen gardeners, carters and compost making (the Worthing alternative to “turmut growing”) – as well as of magpies and Sussex hills. The songs and mood continued Pleasant and Delightful and left us with energy and time not only for Thousands or More to complete the song set before the break, but also for trying two new songs afterwards. These were presented by Dave and Alan from our Chichester group. With Alan we sang through the lovely Lark in the Morning, and with Dave the Bee-Boy’s Song by Rudyard Kipling. Dave suggested that if we adopt this song for performance it could be a good ‘sister’ song for The Magpie. Thank you again to Emily for leading the session with what voice she could spare – we wish her well and look forward to hearing her in full voice again the next time we meet at “Ye Olde House at Home” on 7th March.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Local Group Report – Chichester – Thursday 15th February 2018

It was wonderful to see so many singers arrive at the Chichester Inn to join us for our monthly sing. We were twenty in all, plus two very well behaved dogs – Buster and Stanley! Some of our newer members are now returning regularly and their contribution to our sessions is very much appreciated. Dave began by explaining that, because our next official performance as a choir will be at the Beltane Festival at Butser Iron Age Farm on Saturday 5th May, we might think about learning and singing songs that connect us with the traditions of England’s ancient May Day celebrations. So with this in mind we warmed our voices by singing Oak Ash & Thorn and followed this with Country Life. We then had a go at Hal-an-Tow, not a Sussex song I know, but not too overtly Cornish either. The line: “Take not the scorn to wear the horn” reminded us that we ought next to sing the Ebernoe Horn Fair Song with its references to wearing “the finest horns that you ever did behold!” After this Dave introduced Wassail the Silver Apple, a short but powerful choral piece, which was very positively received. Sue C and Stephen A were able to lead this one as they have already sung it at Petersfield. We then sang The Magpie, which has become one of our favourite songs and then revisited Alan’s jolly version of The Lark in the Morning and sang Kipling’s The Bee Boy’s Song. After an interval to buy another drink and socialise for 20 minutes, we started to learn the very beautiful traditional song Searching for Lambs and then introduced two more May songs. Dave got us all singing “Good morning Lords and Ladies it is the first of May” which has a very upbeat tune, and Chris was able to teach us his version of the Oxfordshire May Day Carol. Both songs treat the theme of taking a garland or a branch of may (hawthorn blossom) around to people’s homes in return for a cup of the dairy maid’s best cream! Reflecting on the ancient belief that bathing in the morning dew at sunrise on May Day will make even the plainest girl more beautiful, we concluded a jolly evening by singing Rolling in the Dew. Our thanks to everyone who attended; our next group sing will be on Thursday 15th March at 8.00 pm at the Chichester Inn in West Street, Chichester. Come and join us there!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The SDFS “Wassail” 20th January 2018

Our “Wassail” winter social, held in January, was well supported by singers and their companions meeting to share and enjoy both the entertainment and the food and drinks they had brought with them. We had a good evening, made even cosier by getting the heating to stay on – which is more than we managed last year! Many thanks to all for coming, and extra thanks to those who contributed songs, music, stories and poems, splendid! Thanks must also go to those behind the scenes who helped with the setting up, kitchen tasks and clearing up at the end. Not, of course, forgetting Margo for her efforts throughout, from organising the tickets and entertainments to locking up and taking back the hall key at the end! Thank you Margo. It’s absolutely true to say – we couldn’t have done it, or enjoyed it, without you ALL!

Emily was there with us on Saturday and we gave her a gift from all the singers to thank her for everything she does for the SDFS. She has sent this message to everyone:

Thanks so much to all of you for your generous gifts to me, I am surprised and delighted and honoured!
It is of course a complete delight to be a part of the SDFS, it goes from strength to strength and I am always in the privileged position of standing in front of you all and being bathed in the wonderful, rich sound you all make.
May this next year bring many more songs and opportunities to sing and share them.
Thanks again you lovely people,
Emily X

You’re very welcome Emily.

(P.S. Lost property – If anyone who brought food on Saturday is missing a pyrex pie dish – just let us know. It was left behind at the hall but is now in our safekeeping.)