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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Bateman’s, Burwash, Sunday 7th August 2016

Battle of the Somme Commemoration Weekend

This year’s event is centred around this particular prolonged battle.

We will be singing two sets at 12.00 midday and 2.30pm in probably the same location as last year, between the restaurant and the event field.

We are the only musical performers on the day, except for a lady amongst the re-enactors on the field, and the rest of the elements of the event have been arranged around our performances. A separate short performance of three of Kipling’s poems in the form of songs will be performed at the House by Amaryllis, Emily & Libby, probably between our main sets. We are hoping to video elements of the day, so if you have any objection to your visage appearing on it please warn me in advance, so that I can let you know when it is taking place.

Please arrive by 11.00am as this will ensure that you have a good parking space. John C will be at the admissions entrance from 10.30am to identify you to the staff for free entry. If you are a NT member please bring your membership card, as the level of the next year’s funding for each property is determined by HQ at Swindon based on annual visitor numbers. Please car share if you can personally arrange this.

Dress theme is the usual green, blue or cream/yellow if you have such an item you want to wear. If you have a Poppy left over from last November then that would be even better.

Fingers crossed that we have as good weather as last year.

John C.

First set:
  1. Country Life
  2. Pleasant and Delightful
  3. A Smuggler’s Song
  4. Oak, Ash and Thorn
  5. The Turnip Hoer
  6. All Things Are Quite Silent
  7. The Magpie
  8. Follow Me ’Ome?
  9. West Sussex Drinking Song
  10. Rosebuds in June
  11. Sussex by the Sea

Second set:
  1. Run of the Downs?
  2. On Sussex Hills
  3. Ladies Go Dancing At Whitsun
  4. Life of a Man
  5. Oak, Ash and Thorn
  6. A Smuggler’s Song
  7. Home Lads, Home
  8. Thousands or More
  9. Rosebuds in June
  10. West Sussex Drinking Song
  11. Sussex by the Sea

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