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Monday, 14 March 2016

S.D.F.S. at the “Worthing Rotary Hobbies and Leisure Exhibition”

Thanks to the efforts of one of our singers, Angela S, the South Downs Folk Singers were present at this Exhibition on Saturday 5th March.  Our banner hung resplendent in the foyer of Worthing Assembly Hall to catch the eye of all comers, and a small band of Singers took turns throughout the day to be on hand to distribute flyers and provide information. 

We also ventured to display our wares by joining our voices in two impromptu performances.  In total we did 6 songs, which went well and were, as ever, fun to sing!

So thank you Angela S, Margo, Steve, Liz, and Angela and Phil B for your help and singing at this event, and we look forward to welcoming some new singers to our local groups as a result!


Update 30th March: A photo and a brief report of our unscheduled singing at this event can be seen on page 48 and page 50 of the current edition of “The Worthing Journal" (Issue 64, April 2016).  (Go to The Worthing Journal website for a list of outlets that sell the magazine.)

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