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Thursday, 10 December 2015

South Downs Folk Singers Wassail!

We will soon be welcoming the new year with our “Wassail” gathering in the evening of 23rd January, 2016 at the Heene Gallery, Heene Road in Worthing.

South Downs Folk singers, plus family and friends, are invited join us for this festive frolic – bringing food, drink, and songs to share with all for a merry time.

Tickets are £2.50 each.  Numbers are limited so get in quickly and secure your tickets NOW by contacting Margo (NB not Henny as previously given here and as given erroneously in the email you may have received), via the South Downs Folk Singers email.

(Tickets will also be available at our local singing sessions in December – but don't delay, confirm today!)


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Slindon Apple Day

A brief report on Slindon Apple Day was published a month ago, but the photos have only just been added. See them here.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Sweet Chiming Bells

Here's the recording we made of Sweet Chiming Bells at the Beechwood on Wednesday 2nd December.

You can download the audio file using one of the links below. It's available in different file sizes with the larger files giving better audio quality. However, unless you have good equipment, quiet surroundings and discerning ears, you may struggle to hear any difference between these.

Sweet_Chiming_Bells_128kbps.mp3 128kbps 2.93MB
Sweet_Chiming_Bells_192kbps.mp3 192kbps 4.40MB
Sweet_Chiming_Bells_320kbps.mp3 320kbps 7.33MB
Sweet_Chiming_Bells.flac lossless 17.5MB (your computer or audio player may not recognise this format)

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Find us on Facebook

For some time now we've had a page on Facebook, which you can find here. For future use you will also find a link to this in the column to the left, below the Twitter panel. Thanks to Colin for setting this up for us.