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Saturday, 7 November 2015

N.T.’s Slindon ‘Apple Day’, 10th October 2015

A great day and we were very lucky with the weather, thank you to all the singers for your support. Katie sends her thanks below. Note we are invited to attend the Wassail on 16th January and next year’s event.
“Please thank the South Downs Folk Singers for coming too, we really appreciated them coming along to sing. Folk music, singing and dancing have always been at the heart of English traditional festivals, fetes and get-togethers, and so it felt very right that you were there singing traditional songs. So many people commented on how much atmosphere the music, singing and Morris dancing gave the event. I do hope you would like to come again next year.

Our Wassail is on the evening of 16th January if you would like to come along to enjoy the event or to sing, which would be brilliant!”
John C

Thank you again to John for following up The Slindon Apple Fair event. The venue was rural and the weather autumnal but calm. One of the first to arrive was Steven who tried his face at apple bobbing and then had to dry his jacket out by draping it over the hawthorn hedge in true traveller style. Most of us only caught the aroma of pressed apples and pizza! And just admired the wonderfully colourful display of apples and pears – not a ladder in sight.

We gathered in front of the music marquee and had our biggest audience yet because there were straw bales and deck chairs for the visitors to sit on. Again Bright Phoebe winked at us on cue. Thank you to Emily for keeping us on track with smiles and passion and thank you to Dave for doing the links.

After our first set of songs we could either listen to Phil and Jane (Bang on the Ear) or watch Fishbourne Morris and, after our second set, Said the Maiden entertained the crowds (Lady Maisery style) with traditional songs like Spencer the Rover from the Copper Song Book and some of their own compositions. Said the Maiden can be found on YouTube and Facebook.

Slindon is a lovely village to walk around. The clever display and annual sale of pumpkins was on and the parish church open, as well as the Jubilee Orchard and the Forge Café.


The first photos are from Amaryllis and show Steven apple bobbing.

Head in...
Got one!
Was it worth it?

Here are some photos from Angela B:

And photos from Peter B:

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