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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Wassail Songs

At our January Beechwood singing session we started to learn two wassail songs. We now have the words for these (pdf files):
Here We Come A-Wassailing
Sugar Wassail

NB There have been a few minor revisions to the words for these songs since they were originally posted here. The latest revisions are dated "12 January 2015" at the top of the page. Apologies to anybody who has already printed these out.

Here We Come A-Wassailing:
You can download the mp3 file from OneDrive or Dropbox.

In this performance of Sugar Wassail listen carefully to the start of the verse which begins "And if you’ve any maids within your house..." – it's the second verse here. There are a lot of words to fit in and as it is sung here, this verse begins before the previous verse is ended.

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