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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Carol Singing at Sainsbury's, West Hove – 13th December 2014

The M.S. Centre had a slot on Sainsbury’s Fundraising Day and we made £300 for the M.S. Centre in one and a half hours of singing.

Joining in with the M.S. Centre singers were “Good In Parts”, “Whispering Woods” and the South Downs Folk Singers.

The flash mob, started by “Good in Parts” and joined by “Whispering Woods”, the M.S. Centre members of staff, Sainsbury’s members of staff and South Downs Folk Singers was really successful. Then this all segued into Sussex Carols from the South Downs Folk Singers.

The Centre, in Southwick, provides various treatments and therapies for people with M.S. All running costs are met through charitable donations and fundraising. At present the Centre is housed in a prefab building, but lately the council has given permission for a permanent building, so fundraising is even more important!

I have to say the management were thrilled with our contribution and are excited at the prospects of us all doing more! So thank you ALL for your support and lovely voices!

Sydney B

Thanks to Sainsbury's PR Ambassador Emma G for providing the photos below.

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