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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Shoreham Beach Sand Dance – 20th September 2014

The Shoreham Beach Sand Dance performance was arranged at short notice with a small group of our singers, so it's good to hear it went well, as you can read in the report below from Carol.

Just reporting on our sand dance performance. We were grateful that Emily, with her family, joined us and gave us great support. Beryl, Sydney, Margot, John K and Wendy joined Peter and I. We sang four songs and John led with the solo in Jolly Good Song. We were very well received.

We all enjoyed the other music by a selection of groups and some of us enjoyed a dance on the sand. It was a fun afternoon, and with lovely weather.

I am sure we would be welcome to sing next year and we would be able to give much better notice.

Carol B

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