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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Revised Songbooks Available

New revisions of our 2013 and 2014 Songbooks are now available for download on the new LYRICS AND RECORDINGS page.

A big thank you to our 'keeper of the words' David G for carefully checking the previous issue of our songbooks and advising me of all the required updates.

Will these be the final songbook revisions? No! So to help us keep track in future of what we're looking at, you'll find that each page of the songbooks now shows the issue date of the songbook and also that page's own revision date (where known) and this will be continued with any further issues of the songbooks. This will give us an easy way to check everybody is using the latest revision at our singing sessions and also obviate the need to reprint the whole book if only a few songs are revised in the next issue of a songbook.

For the songs which you have already learned you will want to know what the changes are and for all the songs you have already printed out you may want to know if the changes are sufficiently minor for you to mark them up by hand, rather than printing new copies of everything. To help you with this, two files are available (one for each songbook) which list all the changes to the song lyrics and performance notes. These changes are with respect to the previous issue of the songbooks. When you look at one of your old printed pages, how do you know if it was, until today, the latest revision? Sorry I can't help you with your old songbooks, but in future you will be able to see the revision date.

The format of the old LYRICS AND MUSIC page has been changed (in fact it's been completely reconstructed) and all the songs are now listed in a table so that you can easily find lyrics and recordings for each of our songs. You will also be able to see easily where these are not available. The page title has also been changed to LYRICS AND RECORDINGS to remove any uncertainty about whether "music" refers to a printed score, or to audio and video recordings, or something else. Everything that was available before on the old page is still there, nothing has been removed. There are 86 links on the new page and I will confess I haven't yet clicked every single one of them to check they are all working, so if you find any that don't work please tell me.

For a short time the old LYRICS AND MUSIC page will be available for reference using this link:

The 'NEW SONGS FOR 2014' link has also been removed from the menu, but this page hasn't disappeared. The page contents have been added to a post which is now linked from the new LYRICS AND RECORDINGS page.

Keith D

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