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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Today at Arundel Festival

Despite the short notice we managed to field over 20 singers (a thank you to all who participated for your support, it was much appreciated) today in Tarrant Square, just off the High Street, which made it a very busy location. Led by our lovely Emily, and helped by her diminutive flyer distributors (perhaps braces might be the answer to that particular problem Em!), we lustily banged out the 17 songs that Amaryllis had kindly selected for us.

Initially we were going to have a break half way but when we reached that point, and still had an audience, we didn't want to let them go. Also several singers had prior early evening appointments to get to.

The gods smiled on us for the weather as the location was without cover and the previous singer kindly lent us his mike for Sandria, our announcer for the afternoon, to eruditely top and tail our songs and performance. Sandria's husband Michael kindly took some photos for us and these should be added to this report soon.

Final details to follow for Amberley on the 31st.

John C

1 comment:

  1. It was a pleasure to sing with you all, you were brilliant! It was quite a challenge to keep up enough volume and energy to be heard over the other musicians around abouts, but we did really well; a number of the audience stopped me through the afternoon and said what a pleasure we had been to listen to, how much they'd enjoyed the repertoire and even singing along! And Jonny, my partner, who was sitting listening (and monitoring the leaflet distributors) said we were good and loud and sounded great. And we were only 20! Good one all!
    Sorry I wont be able to be with you at Amberley, thanks Tina for doing so instead. I hope it goes swingingly.
    See you on Weds...
    Em X