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Friday, 25 July 2014


Almost all the photos that have been submitted to the blog can now be seen here if you know where to look - and I am about to tell you!

When I looked through the photos Adrian passed on to me that did not yet appear on this blog, I noticed that almost every one related to some particular event. So in the menu above, in place of PHOTOS you will now find EVENT REPORTS. Click on this and you'll see - guess what? - reports for all our previous events (going back to March 2012), many of which include photos.

If you're one of the people who has submitted photos, you may notice that a few have been edited to straighten them up, alter the contrast, or in one set of indoor photos to remove the colour completely (I was present when these were taken and remember the room being partly illuminated by the red glow of heaters on the walls - the original photos are correspondingly very red!). Please tell me if you don't like what I've done.

Some of the event report posts are reconstructions of pages previously produced by Adrian, but which he later deleted from the blog (due to restrictions on the number of 'static pages' that we are allowed). Some others are completely new and I have constructed these from the few fragments of information that I have been able to find - some posts have only photos and some have only a sentence or two. In all there are 16 event report posts which weren't here a week ago. If you are able to provide any useful additional information, or corrections, please contact me.

Also contact me if you have provided any of the photos and would like to be acknowledged. Unfortunately I do not have any information regarding the sources of photos other than what you can already see here.

More photos are welcome!

Keith D (contact me at

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