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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Local Group Report – Lewes Tuesday 17th September 2013

A warm welcome was extended to four new SDFS singers who joined us for the first time last night.  Steve and Ruth Robotham from Henfield and Nick & Isobel Moore from Uckfield are our latest recruits.  We had a full evening and the time absolutely flew by, with Tina leading us in Nightingale and Life of a Man – though we focused on the songs that need a bit of polish, namely the newer ditties plus those we have never quite got nailed.  We'll repeat the exercise at Worthing in a couple of weeks.

So we tackled East Sussex Drinking Song (a rollicking good way to start the evening – if folk songs can be said to have 'rollick') West Sussex Drinking Song (all four verses) Cuckoo, Where Stormy Winds do Blow, Gooch's Beer and The South Downs Folk Singers' Song.  And – wait for it – CRUEL MOTHER!  Yes, all 437 verses.  Needs a bit of work but we're on the way.  Depressing song but we like it!

Our new singers had a good time and reckon they'll be back!  Excellent!  Thanks to Tina for leading us.

Advance notice: either or both of the November / December sessions may take place at another venue (Darts rule ok ....).  Rather than change the day, I thought it easier to change the venue.  Which depends, of course, on one being available.

Watch this space ....

Adrian F

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