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Monday, 2 September 2013

Findon, 14 September

Suggested setlist for the Findon Sheep Fair:

  • Drink Me Brave Boys
  • Rolling in the Dew
  • Rosebuds in June
  • Shepherd of the Downs
  • Three Maidens
  • Where Stormy Winds do Blow
  • Life of a Man
  • Ebernoe Horn Fair
  • Twanky Dillo
  • On Sussex Hills
  • Come Write me Down (The Sussex Wedding Song)
  • West Sussex Drinking Song (first two verses only)

We'll go through these on Wednesday.

I was horrified to discover, when looking for songs about sheep and shepherds that, unless I am mistaken, we have but two (Rosebuds and Sh'd of the Downs) - this is clearly a learning priority!!

So if you know any good old songs about woolly mutton or bleating crooks, dig 'em out, bring 'em along - and we'll learn 'em!

At a push, I s'pose we could sing about sweaters and roast lamb and mint sauce .....

Adrian F

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