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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday at the Beechwood

Just a quick note about future Beechwood sessions: whilst we are a very sociable lot, we've songs to sing and from time to time, new ones to learn - so we need to get on with it!  As from next Wednesday, we'll start no later than 7.45 so please aim to be there, beer in hand / on table by 7.30 or shortly after.  There will be a loo / beer break - but only for 15 minutes max.

Next week, we'll be checking we know the songs for Findon (anything to do with sheep for a start) - there should be a setlist by then.

I should also know by next Wednesday if we'll be doing the Brighton gig on the same day (and details thereof).


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Arundel Festival - a good day!

The South Downs Folk Singers returned to Arundel for their second festival appearance: read all about it on the Arundel Festival page .....

Arundel Festival - 25 August 2013

Our return to the Arundel Festival went well. Perhaps not as tight as we could have been but very well received by the audience nonetheless, which included our esteemed former leaders Anne and Chris! Our main performance was between 1630 - 1700 on the Jubilee Stage although as things were running late, we didn't take our places until about 1640. The artists' area behind the stage was tiny this year and not really feasible for all of us to gather in, so a rather cramped group assembled at the side entrance to the stage to listen to the last few songs of an excellent young lady opera singer.

Linda T did a great job on her first occasion at a major event leading about 35 of us in the singing whilst I made an attempt at linking. We sung Drink Me Brave Boys, Shepherd of the Downs, Old Adam, Life of a Man, West Sussex Drinking Song, Thousands or More and Rolling in the Dew, none of which we had sung at last year's festival. We made a few slips but these were more than covered up by our sheer numbers, the overall weight of the sound and the amplification.

Earlier on, about 15 of us wandered up to Tarrant Street and entertained the festival goers there, to good effect and appreciative applause. Songs sung were drawn from those we had sung in the main event last year, namely Hard Times of Old England, Green Grow the Laurel, Nightingale, Fathom the Bowl, Come Write Me Down, Rosebuds in June, Twanky Dillo, On Sussex Hills, finishing with Jolly Good Song. I led the singing for this set (after a fashion: on one song, I managed to try and start us using the melody line from another - DOH!)

So roll on 2014 - I hope we can negotiate a later start time: at 5pm, the sun has just dipped below the back of the stage so that the audience can actually see us as well as hear us!

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come - especially those who supported the earlier street singing. It's events like these that help us reach a much wider audience which in turn helps to secure new members.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Local Group Report – Lewes Tuesday 20th August 2013

We rehearsed all the songs for the main set at Arundel – and had time to run through a spirited version of Where Stormy Winds do Blow.  Really looking forward to Sunday!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Arundel, Sunday

If you are singing at Arundel tomorrow, remember that our performance starts at 1630 on the Jubilee stage.  Please arrive no later than 1615 in the area behind the stage.  We may also sing earlier elsewhere in the town.  See the Arundel festival page for details - this has been updated.

We won't be using lyric sheets so brush up on your words during this week!  The final running order is on the Arundel page.

Adrian F

Monday, 12 August 2013

Saturday Folk Club, Lewes

Last Saturday, in the upstairs room at the Elephant & Castle, Lewes, we were guests of the Lewes Saturday Folk Club and made very welcome indeed.  Throughout August, the club is holding a series of 'Come All Ye's so we took our turn amongst fellow singers and readers.  The theme for the evening was 'Birds, beasts and other relatives' and seven of us (me, John & Gaynor, John Kydd, Margo, Judy Robinson and Tina) gave full voice to Twanky Dillo, The Cuckoo and The Nightingale in our first mini-set.  When our turn came round again, we delivered Rosebuds, Three Maidens and Old Adam.  And, yes, they all have animal / bird references!

John K offered for us to sing some more but at 11.15pm we were told that the evening was, sadly, over!  Nice try, John!  SDFS - Such Determined Folk Songsters!

We have been asked to come back and surely will.  Thanks to Bryan Creer, Valmai Goodyear and Don Morgan for a great night.

Adrian F

Friday, 9 August 2013

Findon Sheep Fair - Sat 14 Sept

We are singing at 1pm for about 30' on Nepcote Green in the village: please assemble at around 1245.  There MAY be a request for a second session outside Wattle House (the only building on the green).

Parking: on the A24 (in Wyevale Garden Centre car park) then follow the signs to the green - it's not far.  There will be some disabled parking available on the green itself.

Stagecoach Bus 1 serves Findon from Worthing, Tarring, Washington, Pulborough, Storrington, Midhurst and Petworth (timetable)

Metrobus Bus 23 serves Findon from Crawley, Horsham, Southwater, Ashington, Washington and Worthing (timetable)

Setlist to follow nearer the time.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Balcombe - Anti-fracking singsong

Hullabaloo and other choirs are gathering in Balcombe on Sunday as part of the overall protest against the proposed fracking that is due to take place there in due course.  I mention it here as it may be that SDFS members might wish to join with other choirs on this occasion; I have another engagement or would offer to lead a group.  I would stress though that this would NOT be an official SDFS event but, since we sing together, we might like to attend.  If anyone would like to organize something, please reply to this post and maybe leave contact details for others to join with you.

This is the Hulla facebook entry:

"Join a collective of choirs from across the South East and Belt It Out @ Balcombe. Bring your best pair of lungs and any instruments you claim to be able to play. Led by the Brighton City Singers choir Director, MJ Paranzino, this is a family-friendly event and open to all. We’ll sing and stand as one – a formidable and harmonious show of community protection!

Suggested dress-code: all clothing and shoes, black and white, with a yellow ribbon for your wrist or sash. TOTALLY NON-COMPULSORY, but unified colours will counteract the corporate media's incesant attempts to divide and catorgorise us."


Sunday, 4 August 2013

Arundel Festival 2013

We are singing on Sunday 25th August.  Our main performance will be between 1630 - 1700 on the Jubilee Stage (by the bridge).  There will be an extra performance somewhere else in the town: still not finalized though will be after 1500.

See the Arundel Festival page for full details and keep checking the blog for updates!


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Local Group News – Lewes Saturday Folk Club 10th August 2013

During August, the Saturday Folk Club are hosting singarounds and we have been invited to join in.  On Saturday 10th, there will be songs with a theme of "Birds, beasts and other relatives" – so you can guess the setlist!  No?  Oh, all right then, here 'tis:

Twanky Dillo (horse)
The Cuckoo (bird)
Nightingale (bird)
Rosebuds in June (sheep and oxen – oh, and small warbling birds)
Eilean Na Ruin (bird)
Three Maidens (bird)
Old Adam (horses, foxes)
Ebernoe Horn Fair (horse)
Rolling in the Dew (implied cow!!)

Note that because it's a singaround, lots of people get a go so we'll probably only get to sing a few – but it will be great fun anyway, listening to others.  With this in mind, the songs we sing will depend on how many of us there are and how many will harmonize.
So please let me know asap
a) if you are coming
b) for which songs you know the harmonies.

It's £3 to get in (but only £1 if you are singing – i.e. us) – bring lots of audience: the more the better!

Venue: The Elephant & Castle (upstairs room), White Hill, Lewes, BN7 2DJ

Time: 8pm start (the club usually runs till 11 so I'd ask for us to sing reasonably early).
We will meet in the bar downstairs at 7.45pm to finalize what we'll sing and agree any other issues (like harmonies etc).

Call / e-mail me if you need any more information.

Adrian F
07792 056132

The Elephant approaches!

On Saturday 10th August, the SDFS will be singing at the Lewes Saturday Folk Club.  It's a Come All Ye so we'll be taking our turn amongst lots of other performers and a great night is promised.  Don't miss this one: it's a mere £1 to get in if you are a singer - bring your fan club too (they pay £3).  A bargain!  More details on the Local Group News page.

Adrian F