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Tuesday, 18 June 2013


29th June Amberley Chalk Pits Museum 

 The Museum carpark is right by the railway station. From there, there’s a short path (about 100 yards) to the above. It is limited, we expect to be busy, so we encourage car-sharing and travel by train

After discussion with Ann, here is  set list for Amberley (no order though - and we may not manage all of them):

On Sussex Hills

West Sussex Drinking Song

Jolly Good Song

Ebernoe Horn Fair


Eileen Na Ruin

Twanky Dillo

Rosebuds in June

Sussex Wedding Song

Thousands or More
Latest Information 

We are appearing directly after Ann & Son @ 14.30 hrs at the Kilns (opposite the Folk Barn for 30mins presumably at the sound stage,.
The finale 
At 3.20pm the parade starts to line up at the Barn, then it moves off up to the White Pit where the finale takes place
Thomas the Tank Grand finale In the 'White Pits' about 16.00hrs.
Gather there at approx. 15.40pm.  Best finally check on the day and arrive before lunch.
The Museum/Station car park is next to the museum, and they run a train from it into the site but you need to get there early and perhaps share cars (meet at Whiteways Cafe on the A29), or travel by train as the car park has a finite capacity.
There is a Restaurant on site but it wont be open until 3pm.

There will be food concessions in the White Pit as well as hot drinks and real ale in the Friends Centre

One particular point though: if you are bringing a guest and only indicated them as 'guest' to John, they will be on the list as a guest of Ruth Dewdney (our contact at the museum and an SDFS member).  If for any reason they do not arrive with their relevant SDFS member, they will need to state the surname of that member on arrival.
Here's an example: Fred and Wilma Flinstone arrive separately.  Fred's a SDFS singer and Wilma isn't.  She's on the list as a guest of Fred's so will need to state on arrival that she is a 'guest of Ruth Dewdney' and is with Fred Flintstone.  That's how they want it done!

NEW - Local Groups News page and also New Songs for Sessions page. Keep up to date with who is singing what, where!


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