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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Local Group Report – Lewes Tuesday 18th June 2013

Exciting News!

Lewes Tuesday took place as usual Tuesday 18th and saw us working hard at the songs we'll sing at Amberley on Saturday week. But a couple of treats made this session a bit special....

Firstly, Tina Cox has agreed to take over the teaching at Lewes (yay! as the kids say!).

"I've been singing on and off since the age of 4, doing solos and working in both small and large groups; covering folk, classical, opera, religious music, jazz standards and community choir-type music; in London and various parts of Sussex. I play piano, guitar and trumpet and can sight-read music" said Tina. "But equally importantly, I think I'm friendly, approachable, good at starting from where people are at and able to show those who think they can't sing that, actually, they can!!"

So ... panic over, then - I'm a bit more relaxed now! We're all looking forward to benefiting from the fruits of her labours! I've padlocked her to the upstairs room at the Royal Oak. Just to be sure ....

And then we were blessed by Folk Royalty: Vic Smith of the Royal Oak Folk Club, Lewes Folk Festival and the Folk Diary graced us with his presence for the second half. We felt quite honoured. I hope he enjoyed himself. He seemed to ....

Adrian Figgess

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