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Monday, 27 May 2013


Dear All

Thought I'd report back on the second Lewes session Tuesday.

There was a real sense of a growing group last Tuesday. We had 13 (six more than last time !) including two more newbies.
We did The South Downs Folk Singers theme song plus debuted the East Sussex Drinking Song.  I announced that the latter wasn't finished but was told that four verses was quite enough thank you so I suppose it is .... It went down very well, anyway. Perhaps we can do it at the Beechwood on 5th!

Otherwise, it was the usual songs and nonetheless fun for that.  And to prove we were game for anything, we did the Sussex Wedding Song split men / women (2 men/11 women!)

Onwards and upwards!

PS don't forget Beechwood Wednesday on the 5th June in Worthing

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