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Friday, 5 April 2013


Wear Something Woolly Tomorrow!

And support the south downs sheep


Dear Singers, 

Below you will find the song list for the event decided on Wednesday night.

We will start the proceedings at 12.00hrs ( please arrive at the cross by 11.45) with the enclosed list of songs-- then Ann & No.1 Son will perform their 3 newly composed songs.
This will be repeated for two further times, making three joint performances in all, during the 2 hours between 12.00 & 14.00hrs.
Twankydillo                             All
Fathom the Bowl                    "
Rosebuds in June                    "
Sussex Wedding Song            M/F
On Sussex Hills                        All
Thousands or More                " 
Old Adam                                M/F
Hard Times of Old England   All
Rolling in the Dew                  M/F
Jolly Good Song                       "
For those of you that need/want to practice any of the above songs go to the SDFS Blog Events listing and find  the 2nd April entry.
There is a link to Adrian Reviell's recordings on Sound Cloud of the March 23rd at Burpham together with both of the 2 earlier group recording  sessions, giving you most of the songs as eventually performed.
Remember to wrap up warm, and that we have a refuge in the foyer of the Chichester Museum if the weather turns pear shaped.
see you tomorrow 



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