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Sunday, 17 February 2013


Words for all the songs on all the CD's are available 

Please email so I can send you the words, as a few email addresses don't seem to work when I send emails out to large numbers of people. Please feel free to bring them along with you to the sessions while we are all learning together.

Please sign up with John for the event below!

Local event - Shepherding in the Downs 

Saturday 6th April - Chichester Market Cross
Come and sing with us in Chichester !
An event (10.00-14.00hrs) has been arranged by Chichester Museum/WADOA Museum/ South Downs Park at the Market Cross to launch the 'Shepherding in the Downs' combined week of events.
Museum South Downs sheep will be penned  under the Cross. A re-enactor will be demonstrating spinning etc. in Tudor costume, and we have been asked to sing.

A licence to sing has been arranged, so if there are enough singers to make it worthwhile participating we can say 'yes' to singing.The media have also been asked to attend the event. John needs to know if there are enough singers interested so please can you  contact John Crane (Chichester group) at direct if you would like to find out more about times etc. 

Why don't you look at the 'Other Events' Pages? there may be somethings you might like to go along to?

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