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Monday, 25 February 2013



Dear Singers  - If the SDFS are going to continue post project we need to know

  • Who is interested in singing at each event as soon as possible
  • We need to let the organisations know if we can attend as soon as possible for their publicity material
  • We need to decide what to sing!
  • We need more people to learn how to teach the songs (see May 18th ) 
There's been a trickle of replies for sessions below but we were hoping for more of a torrent!

Big Singing Events in 2013 (so far)

6 Big events have been chosen, so here are some of the dates for your diaries

Sunday 16th June  - Sussex Day at the Weald and Downland Museum.

The SDFS will be singing in the Gridshell on the Sunday evening. There will be the launch of the CD and a chance to sing around the venue in the afternoon.

Please contact NOW! if you can attend

Arundel Festival - August 

Quite a few of you have already responded but not enough to make it worthwhile yet

Please contact NOW! if you can attend

Findon Sheep Fair - 13th or 14th September 

Date to be confirmed 

Please contact NOW! if you are interested in attending

Carols in Brighton  - December 

Venue and date to be confirmed


Local Events- Brighton 25th March  -  Monday Evening

A couple of Hullabaloo members attended the Chichester workshop and so we have had an invitation to sing  at the Hullabaloo Community Quire end of term concert in either Preston Park or another Brighton venue on the above date. They need a response by the end of the month. More details to follow if there is enough response

Email if you can make it.

Local event - Shepherding in the Downs  - Still more singers required!

Saturday 6th April - Chichester Market Cross

See previous post. John is 10 singers short to make this session viable! Please contact him NOW if you can do this session. It would be great to start the post project  year with a good turnoutEmail for more details

Teaching the songs Workshop - Saturday May 18th 

At the Beechwood with Emily and Ann.

More details to follow. If you are interested email We will need to know numbers as soon as possible for viability

And Lastly But Most Importantly.....

We are looking to set up a monthly session in Lewes. Your support is vital to make this happen

The local groups are starting up in earnest now: in addition to the monthly sessions for everyone at the Beechwood Hall in Worthing on the first Wednesday of each month, sessions are being held in Easebourne (near Midhurst) in the west and will start in a few weeks' time in the east as well - probably in Lewes.  These sessions will normally be held during the third week of each month.  Details of dates, times and venues etc will be posted on here.  New singers welcome - bring your family, friends and work colleagues - it's tons more fun than watching Eastenders!
If you would like more details please email Adrian Figgess (Lewes Group)







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