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Friday, 14 December 2012


Last opportunities to sing together in 2012

'Beechwood Wednesday' 7.30pm for 8pm

All welcome from all groups. 

A last chance to mingle and sing this year. Ann will be talking about the 'Whispering Woods' event as a potential singing opportunity next year

Midhurst Thursday - 20th 7.30pm for 8pm

Come along and sing carols at The White Horse, Easebourne with SDFS

in a real old fashioned country pub with a fire!

All singers welcome.  Don't forget to bring your words! 

and if you can't make either then 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New  Year to you all and a big 'Thank You' for supporting the South Downs Folk Singers


Coming up in the New Year -

What, Where and When to sing in 2013 

Let's talk about what's going to happen next year.

How about getting together on 9th January at the Beechwood Hotel, Worthing 7.45pm to see what ideas and suggestions you have?



Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Just a quick 'thank you' to all of you 

Who joined in with the flash mob and ceilidh in Horsham on Saturday. (I apologise for the filming - a bit too quick really), however we sounded great!

Thanks for turning out and mucking in despite the weather.  Fantastic food, superb singers - thanks to Adrian, Sue, Alan and Anne and Dave for your performances which added something special to the evening. It shows what a talent there is amongst the South Downs Folk Singers. Kates Kitchen Band kept us up on the floor all evening dancing to their marvellous tunes. People came from all of the six workshops and it was lovely to put faces to email addresses.
What a wonderful community spirit there was too. As Ann said on the day "Here's to the future of the South Downs Folks Singers!"

Cancellation of 1st and 12th December events

Unfortunately these events are cancelled as we don't have enough singers or leaders to make a Big Sound.

However our last Beechwood Wednesday and Midhurst Thursday of 2012 are taking place on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th December. 

Come and sing together for one last time this year

7.30 for 8pm at Worthing or The White Horse, Easebourne

Be there or be square!

Adding Comments

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Thursday, 22 November 2012


More updated info on the ceilidh page

in the bandstand or (under the canopy if wet) and we can either walk to West Street if fine, or go into Swan Walk from the Carfax

Food and Drink

Wednesday night someone suggested they might buy fish and chips to eat.There is a shop in the alleyway in the Carfax if anyone is interested.

If you don't want to use the disposable plates etc there will be 'proper' plates, cups and saucers available at the venue. (I don't know about cutlery and glasses though)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Carolling in the Gridshell - 18 November 2012

We wowed them again at a packed Christmas event at the Weald and Downland on November 18th. Over 40 singers gathered in the Gridshell building to sing carols old and new.The South Downs Singers looked particularly festive with their red and green outfits and christmassy hats much to the delight of the audience.

photos courtesy of Peter Bohannon

Sunday, 18 November 2012


photo courtesy of  Peter Bohannon
Dear Singers who came to the Weald and Downland today
A huge 'thank you'  to John Crane for organising it and to Dave Garrard who stepped in at the last minute to lead us.   Thanks to all for joining in  with the experimental Flash mob which went quite well at both venues. (Are we on youtube yet?) Also we sounded magnificent in the Gridshell and how lovely it was to sing with such a large number of people!  Thanks to you all for your support today. I look forward to seeing many of you either at the Flashmob or at the celebration or both! (more details to follow this week)

Don't forget it's 'Beechwood Wednesday' this week!

All welcome!

Singing on 1st December – Sydney Walter Centre, Worthing

How many people are able to sing at the above event? Can you email me and let me know?

Wednesday 12th December at Brighton Uni?

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign is looking for a choir to perform 1-2 carols at their Spirit of Christmas carol concert, at the University of Brighton Sallis Benney Theatre on Wednesday 12th December, starting at 7.30pm. The local choir has dropped out of this event.
It has been suggested by one of the singers that the SDF singers might like to fill the slot.  They are only looking for 2 or 3 Christmas songs. The mayor will be there along with about 250 people to support this worthy event.
Please let me know by Thursday if you are interested as I need to let the contact know if we can help or not. If there is anyone from the group interested in leading it contact me now!

Monday, 12 November 2012


More info on the 'Carols List' page - please look

Try and be there for 12.45pm if you can. 

We are planning to have a practice run of the Flashmob, hence the earlier start 

Don't forget your words , but if you do Emily will have spares

Wear red/green or something Christmassy 


 Latest News 

Over 20 singers gathered to sing at the White Horse in Easebourne. It was so successful there is going to be another session there on Thursday 20th December.
All welcome!

It's Beechwood Wednesday on 21st November

The Beechwood Hall Hotel, Worthing 7.30 for 8pm. Everyone welcome!

Singing in Worthing

Latest date is Saturday 1st December Sydney Walters Centre in Worthing 3 to 3.30pm. 
Please email if you are able to come as I need to know numbers





Thursday, 8 November 2012



for Weald and Downland on 18th Nov

Cut off date is 10th November to get FREE entrance tickets

John has kindly procured exhibitors entrance tickets for the event on Sunday 18th November and was handing these out at the Worthing Carol practice the other day.
If you are singing and haven't got a ticket to get in free yet please contact John Crane direct - email
by the 10th Nov as these will be posted to you. After that date, any latecomers will need to pay the entrance fee of £3.50 on the day unless you are a member/friend of the Museum. More details to follow about songs, times etc at the weekend

Extra Carol Workshop  Thursday 15th November 7.30 for 8pm , The White Horse, Easebourne Nr Midhurst Last chance to practice before the day
For those who may find it more convenient than Worthing, or come to both if you like! Emily will be leading this workshop. CD's and words will be available

Saturday 24th November - A Celebration Ceilidh!

- St Marys Church Centre, (The Barn) The Causeway, Horsham RH12 1HE

3.30pm to 4.30ish Flashmob then 4.30 to 7pm eating and 7pm to 10pm Dancing

There are just a few tickets left if you would still like to come along to the Ceilidh and dance to Kates Kitchen Band. A bargain at £5 per person. Check out the earlier posts for more details of the day.
If you feel like entertaining the crowd while we are eating, there are plenty of slots still available for singers, storytellers etc. Contact if you would like a short slot or for more tickets.

Reading List 

There is now a page on the blog showing books that Chris refers to on the singing workshops.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Wonderful at the Weald and Downland - October 2012

At last we had the opportunity to sing in public at this lovely venue. The earlier performance this year was cancelled due to the appalling weather, so it was great to be able to sing in the warm autumn sunshine. It was also the first time the South Downs Folk Singers had sung together without Emily and the Hares, who were otherwise engaged that day. Singers from all the workshops so far came along to take part and the session went really well.

photo courtesy of Maggie Chamberlain

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Last few tickets left for the Celebration on Saturday 24th November in Horsham 

I have a few tickets left. If you would like to bring your friend/partner contact me NOW at Tickets £5. Bring own food and drink. More details to follow on blog nearer time.

 New!  Extra Carol Workshop  Thursday 15th November 7.30 for 8pm , The White Horse, Easebourne Nr Midhurst 

For those who may find it more convenient than Worthing, or come to both if you like! Emily will be leading this workshop. CD's and words will be available

 Next Practise Session 

 'Beechwood Wednesday' November 21st 

All welcome from all groups. A chance to mingle and sing.
7.30pm for 8pm start at the Beechwood Hall Hotel,Worthing.

Don'f forget to look at the OTHER EVENTS page and support some of our singers in other singing roles

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Saturday 24th November - A Celebration!

- St Marys Church Hall, (The Barn) The Causeway, Horsham

3.30pm to 4.30ish Flashmob then 4.30 to 7pm eating and 7pm to 10pm Dancing

The South Downs Singing Workshops have been so successful. Many new singing opportunities are coming along as a result and many people have made new friends. 
So here's your chance to meet up with old and new groups and have a bit of fun.
There will be a small singing event in the afternoon (Flashmob  sshhh!) in Horsham and afterwards back to the hall for food, drink and entertainment.

To keep costs reasonable, we are asking you to bring your own food and drink with perhaps a little to share with your neighbours.

Give your 'S' factor a go on the Saturday evening. If you fancy singing a song or telling a story while everyone is eating, then now's your chance.  Contact the email if you would like to book a 'slot' however long or short.

Kates Kitchen Band are providing the ceilidh band with dancing from 7pm to 10pm.

 Tickets are going fast at £5 each and are initially being offered to workshop people and if there are any spare we can offer to partners too.

It would be lovely to decorate the hall beforehand. If anyone has a bit of bunting left from the Jubilee, why not hang it out one more time this year. Help will be needed just before and on the day to get set up and clear up.  Any offers?

If you would like a ticket contact NOW if you haven't done so already!

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Last minute details for Sunday  - meet at 1.45pm by the Gridshell

if you arrive after 10am there may be considerable traffic jams to get into the Museum. We will be singing at 2pm so arrive with time to spare even if you are coming by public transport.

If you haven't given me your name you will need to contact me so I can send you the email that gets you in Free if you are singing.

We will sing even if it rains - we will sing in the North Cray building. We won't let the weather put us off this time!

List is on the blog. Dave Garrard is leading the singing so please give him plenty of support.

See you there!

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Lifts to Venues - Help Required

There are several people who don't drive and need lifts to be able to take part in the singing opportunties that are coming up.
There are individuals from Lewes and Worthing who could do with some help  with transport to get to and from the Weald and Downland this coming weekend. Email and I will put you in touch with each other.

New Pages

There are now 'Diary Dates' and 'Song Lists' pages for you to view.  Unfortunately, it seems you can't  put comments on the blog unless you have a gmail account, so keep emailing on the if you need to contact us.

Weald and Downland this weekend

The song list is available for this Sunday 14th.  Check out the new SONG LIST page on the blog.  
Meet at the Gridshell at 1.45pm for 2pm Performance

NEW! Workshop date Thursday 1st November 7.30pm  in preparation for the Christmas Event at the WAD on November 18th

Emily is running a workshop at the Beechwood Hotel, Worthing to learn the new carols and run through some old favourites in preparation for the 18th November event. Everyone is welcome.  For those of you unable to attend, the latest CD for the new workshops at Worthing and Billingshurst contains two of the carols we will be singing. The CD's  and words for the carols will be available at the next 'Beechwood Wednesday' event on Wednesday 17th October.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Weald and Downland Events 

Sunday 14th October  - Singing at 2pm 

We are singing at the Autumn and Countryside Festival at the Museum and over 3000 people are expected to attend. We need to have 25 + singers performing to make it as good as Arundel. Please email if you are available to attend. Running order of songs will be sent to those who let me know they are coming. I will send John's instructions on how to get in free if you get there earlier enough and where to meet if you arrive later than 10am.


Christmas Market

Sunday 18th November- Singing at 2pm 

Again a really busy event so lots of singers needed. Instructions as above to get in.Song list will be different as there will be Christmas Songs/carols to sing. We have a practice session at the Beechwood before this event.

John needs to know about ticket numbers so contact the address as soon as possible

There will be lots going on at the Weald and Downland on both days. Fingers crossed for the weather!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Slowly Slipping into Autumn

Wednesday 19th September

The Next Practice Session at Worthing

The next practice session will be held at The Beechwood Hall Hotel, Worthing from 7.30pm for an 8pm start.While keeping to the relaxed style, in response to several requests,there will be a  bit of teaching as well, as several people are keen to learn some of the 'new' songs. All workshop singers welcome!

Why not check out the OTHER EVENTS page when you look at the blog as its a good place to advertise any related events in your area


Saturday 6th October - first Worthing workshop, Beechwood Hall Hotel

Saturday 13th October - first Billingshurst workshop, will be held at the Billingshurst Conference Centre, and the following monthly sessions at the The Six Bells pub, Billingshurst

Contact the South Downs Society website if you are interested in attending

Monday, 27 August 2012

Awesome at Arundel - August 2012

36 of the singers turned out on a wonderful summers evening to sing at the Arundel Festival. Singers came from all four groups to provide a good 'set' of songs which have been learned at the Workshops. It was good to be able to sing to a larger audience who didn't know what to expect as the SDFS were completely different to the other acts on that evening. It went so well we may perform there again next year.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

September Sessions - Diary Dates

Sunday 2nd September   - Singing in the Pub!

The Elsted Inn has a folk session every month on the first Sunday.  Many of the regulars are members of Knockhundred Shuttles ( ) the local Morris side and there are some good instrumentalists and singers.We are invited to come along and sing for them.

The pub is at Elsted Marsh, between Midhurst and South Harting post code GU29 0JT. Easy to find but don't confuse it with The Three Horsehoes which is in the litte village of Elsted a mile away to the south.

The session starts at 8.30pm. The SDFS group should simply aim to arrive before then

Please contact if you are able to make it

CANCELLED - Raising the Roof at the Weald and Downland - 22nd or 23rd September

but there will be a singing opportunity at the Museum in October. check out the blog in September.

Participating at Petersfield  - 6th September

Emily and the Hares are singing at a fund raising event for the South Downs Society and there is supper included too. Please check out the OTHER EVENTS  page on the blog for more details

  An opportunity to get involved in a Community Event in Worthing

Watch this space for more information about a production which you can get involved with. More news to follow shortly...........

If you have any ideas or events you think we should sing at, please contact the

Monday, 30 July 2012

Singing for their Supper - July 2012

The Weald and Downland Museum at Chichester invited the SDFS to sing at the Volunteers dinner. On one of the hot evenings of the year following a generous offer of free dinner, the Singers gave a rousing performance to the assembled audience. A fantastic evening was had by all.

Arundel Approaches!

The Arundel Festival is our first 'proper' gig

The event we are singing at will also have jazz and other choirs singing that evening and so the organisers of the Arundel Festival are asking people to bring their friends to come along and support us and the other acts.  
It's a new event based on community spirit and if it's successful it will happen again next year. It's FREE to get in and promises to be a good night (and it will be sunny!)

It's all going to happen on Friday 17th August. We are on at 6.45pm for 30 mins and we will be 'miked' up to sing. There is still room for more singers to come along and make it a rip roaring success!
Please get in touch if you can make it.
For more info about the Festival and how to get there look at

The Next Practice Session at Worthing

Holly Hocks in August
The next practice session will be held at
The Beechwood Hall Hotel, Worthing on
Wednesday 15th August

from 7.30pm for an 8pm start
All workshop singers welcome!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Flash Mob in Horsham - 24 November 2012

The good citizens of Horsham were subject to a surprise rendition of 'Twankydillo' performed by some of the South Downs Folk Singers, as they wandered through the shopping centre on a wet Saturday afternoon. Try explaining that to your neighbour when you get home!


HILAIRE BELLOC WALK AND SING! Now leaving from different pub

Saturday 18th August 2012

Walk from 12 noon                  Sing at 7pm at The George and Dragon

Here is an opportunity to do either or both activities. There is a delightful walk (take a picnic) in the afternoon and in the evening meet at the pub to sing.  

You will need to contact the pub if you intend to eat there later, see the OTHER EVENTS page on the blog

Contact the if you would like more information about the length of the walk etc

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sunday 22nd Cancelled but 25th is still on

Hi Folks 
Its not too late to sing on Wednesday 25th so please contact me as soon as possible! Friday 20th at the latest

A decision has been taken to cancel the Sunday singing session at the Weald and Downland this Sunday but please support the singers by attending at the October event to be held there.
But John has managed to secure more spaces (and a meal) for Wednesday 25th. He needs to know catering numbers so if you haven't put your name down and still fancy going let me know!
I will send a song list out to all attending

Future dates

We need a minimum number of singers (20 people or more) to sing when the venue is out doors in order to make ourselves heard, so contact me as soon as you can  if you are available on 13th/14th October (will let you know soon which of those days).

This number will apply to Arundel to on 17th August so please keep in touch.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Weather Watch for Woods Mill - Saturday 14th July

Lovely weather for ducks but it might not be suitable for singing in the evening at the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

I have been in touch with the organisers and they are unable to let me know if the event will go ahead until early Saturday afternoon. 

If you were thinking of taking part or coming along on the day please can you email me with your mobile number so I can text you and let you know what's happening.

Can you use the southdowns gmail address or if it bounces back my other address



Friday, 6 July 2012

Reminder about Wednesday and Saturday

Just a reminder that we are due to meet again at the Beechwood Hall Hotel in Worthing this Wednesday (meet from 7.30pm - 8pm start). The songs that we have been learning recently are Shepherd of the Down, Bird in the Bush, and the Cuckoo. The songs we will be teaching at the next workshop sessions are Eileen Aroon, and Sussex Wedding Song.
If you can't get along on Wednesday, perhaps we will see you at Woods Mill on Saturday 14th?
All best wishes,
Chris, Ann and Emily

Friday, 15 June 2012

Weald and Downland Museum Singing Opportunities

TWO JULY DATES for your diaries

(Sorry - published wrong dates earlier this week)


SUNDAY 22nd July  (possibly 2 performances  - depending on numbers)

Rare Breeds Day at the Museum where thousands will attend. This could be a great opportunity to publicise the South Downs Folk Singers and it may help to encourage people to join the Horsham or Worthing workshops.

 WEDNESDAY 25th July 6.45pm to 9.30pm

An opportunity to sing at the WDOAM Volunteers Supper. The performance will be towards the end of the supper, but for all who are interested in performing there is a tasty incentive to turn out mid week! 

If you can make it and/or would like more details, please contact the email address

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Arundel Festival - Slot confirmed


We have a slot at the Arundel Festival to sing our lovely folk songs. We are appearing in the Jubilee Gardens which are down near the river.

More details nearer the time but if you are able to come along please can you contact me on the address

Next Practice Session Wednesday 15th August 2012

Hi everyone

 A Summer Skylark

The next practice session will be held at The Beechwood Hall Hotel, Worthing 

from 7.30pm for an 8pm start
All workshop singers welcome!

We will be looking at the songs to be sung at the

Friday, 8 June 2012

Sussex Wildlife Trust - Saturday 14th July

We have confirmation of our next 'gig' at the venue below

Musical Magic at the Mill, Woods Mill, Henfield

Ideally we need to be there by 6.30pm for a 7pm start

The Sussex Wildlife Trust is celebrating the 21st Midsummer Musical Magic this year. A popular event in the Trust's calendar where all the musicians donate their time and talent to support the Trust. For more information on the event go to events page .

If you can make it can you email so we can get an idea of numbers of singers available on the night.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Freezing on the 5th May 2012

We were invited to sing at the first Cowdray May Fayre and despite being May it felt like December! The White Horse, Easebourne, kindly invited us to literally 'warm up' in the pub before the event. However, we all wrapped up well and prepared to sing our songs in the courtyard of the Farm Shop.

In between sessions, we had time to try the local food and refreshments on offer at the Fayre. Despite the weather there seemed to be a good number of people attending and they enjoyed our performances.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Old Photos Page

Below is what was on the original Photos page as at late July 2014, from which time all our photos are being displayed in posts.

Here is a collection of photos taken over the last year or two (with one notable exception!). If you have any you would like to add, please send them to Keith Dillon. If you would like an acknowledgement, please let him know that too.

Click on a photo to enlarge it.
Burpham - Corn stooks, 1941
(picture courtesy of Leigh Lawson's mum)

Findon Sheep Fair, 14 September 2013
Dave G leading the singing in the livestock area

(picture courtesy of Peter Bohannon)

Findon Sheep Fair, 14 September 2013
Also in the livestock area - In full voice!
(picture courtesy of Peter Bohannon)
Private party, Warningcamp, 20 July 3013
Private party, Warningcamp, 20 July 3013

Gollier!  Fun at the first Amberley Chalkpits Museum's
Music & Arts Festival, 29 June 2013
Amberley, 29 June 2013 - the lovely ladies!
Amberley, 29 June 2013 - the marvellous men!

Chichester Cross, 6 April 2013 (John C's shoulder is on the left ....)

Chichester Cross (North Street) 6 April 2013