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Here is Chris Hare's reading list which he provided during the South Downs Songs Workshops in connection with the extracts he read.

Adrian F

Nearly all the books are out of print, although you may be able to pick them up at good second-hand bookshops.  Some may be in the West Sussex, Brighton & Hove and East Sussex libraries.

The Four Men, Hilaire Belloc
The County of Sussex, Hilaire Belloc
Complete Verse, Hilaire Belloc
The Spirit of the Downs, Arthur Beckett
The Wonderful Weald, Arthur Becket
Nature in Downland, W.H.Hudson
The Roadmender, Michael Fairless
Complete Verse, Rudyard Kipling
A South Downs Farm in the Sixties, Maud Robinson *
The Hills and the Vale, Richard Jefferies
Jefferies England (Ed. S.J.Looker)
Highways and Byways in Sussex, E.V.Lucas
Sussex Gorse, Sheila Kaye-Smith
The Dairy of Thomas Turned (Ed.David Vaisey)
A Downland Year, Tickner Edwardes
A Song For Every Season, Bob Copper
Across Sussex With Belloc, Bob Copper

Not an exhaustive list, but plenty to be going on with I think!

* PS I am grateful to Dave Watkins who tells me that copies of the Turnastone, 1994 edition of Maud Robinson's book, published as The Quiet Valley: memories of a South Downs Farm in the 1860s are available on Amazon – ISBN, 0-9523638-0-1

Chris Hare

Here's another book which may be of interest:
The Church Gallery Minstrels of Old Sussex by Rev. K.H. MacDermott. Published by Country Books. Comes with a CD of old Sussex carols. There's a review here.

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