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Friday, 21 July 2017

WW1 Battle of Passchendaele Remembrance, Sunday 6th August 2017

Bateman's, Burwash

This will be the third year that we join the volunteer re-enactors in remembering the fallen of WW1.

Starting on the 31st July and continuing till the 6th November, echoing the Somme Battle of the previous year, the Battle of Passchendaele (officially known as the Third Battle of Ypres) claimed 325,000 Allied casualties, mainly British and Canadian, and 260,000 German casualties for an advance of hardly 5 miles, over a limited salient.

I will be at the entrance kiosk from 10.00am to tick off the names of the up to 40 volunteer Singers for entry on the day [editor's note: this means a maximum of 40 singers, NOT singers up to 40 years of age!], who reserve a place by email to by the 1st August. I hope to abandon that position before 11.00am to grab a coffee.

If you have N.T. membership cards please bring them to be registered as it helps the site to bid for extra funds from the central N.T. pot.

Please bring friends and family if you wish, but their entry will be at normal rates if they cannot use membership cards.

Timing of the two song sets will be agreed on Saturday with the re-enactors, to not clash with any noisier activities on the adjacent encampment field. They will be either side of lunch at similar times to last year. If you have a poppy left over from last November please wear it together with any general green, blue, cream/yellow garments you fancy wearing.

Let's hope the weather favours us again, we brought the sun out last year with our singing.


1st Set:
  1. Country Life
  2. Pleasant & Delightful
  3. The Magpie
  4. Thousands Or More
  5. Home Lads Home
  6. Dancing At Whitsun
  7. A Smuggler’s Song
  8. Rosebuds In June
  9. Oak, Ash & Thorn
  10. Twanky Dillo
  11. Jolly Good Song

2nd Set:
  1. Fathom The Bowl
  2. Ha’nacker Mill
  3. On Sussex Hills
  4. Life Of A Man
  5. All Things Are Quite Silent
  6. Ale Glorious Ale
  7. Follow Me ’Ome
  8. The Nightingale
  9. West Sussex Drinking Song
  10. Sussex By The Sea
  11. Jolly Good Song

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