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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Singing at Worthing Sow & Grow Seed Swap, Saturday 6th February

Timings for SDFS at the Seed Swap Event, 6th Feb

As last year:
For approx 20 mins.

The MC / Town Crier / Bob Smytherman  will need to intercede briefly (between songs) just before 2.00pm & 3.00pm to remind folk that the next talk will be starting. You can liaise with Bob if you would like to use the mic yourselves to explain any songs etc.
We will be in the same location as last year. There is a £2 entry fee.

There's more information on the organiser's website here.

Here are the song lists. These are the revised lists that were announced at the Beechwood on 3rd February.

First set
Country Life
On Sussex Hills
The Turnip Hoer
Life Of A Man
West Sussex Drinking Song

Second set
Twanky Dillo
Poor Froze-Out Gardeners
Rosebuds In June
Thousands Or More

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