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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Singing at the Worthing Beach Clean and Coastal Fair – Saturday 19th September

With thanks to Barbara and Amaryllis for their work on this.

Please arrive by 12.30pm to meet on the seafront at the Beach House grounds – this is east of Worthing pier and near to the new Splashpoint Leisure Centre (postcode BN11 2EN), the replacement for the Aquarena. We will need to be ready to sing at 12.45pm. The suggested song list is below.

[ If you have to ask for directions, be sure not to get Splashpoint (the leisure centre) confused with Splash Point (which is where the Rowing Club is). Also don't get Beach House (the Regency beach-side villa) confused with The Beach House Bar-Café or The Beach House Hotel. ]

If possible please bring some spare copies of the song words – it’s been suggested we might try to get the audience to join in the singing.

FYI - Earlier in the day there will be breakfast on sale before the Big Beach Clean-up starts at 10.00am – and a free paella lunch afterwards for the registered volunteers! So do arrive early and join in if you can. Various other stalls and activities will be available during the day.

(For more details go to the “Transition Town Worthing” website:

Song List
  1. Country Life
  2. On Sussex Hills
  3. The Nightingale Song
  4. West Sussex Drinking Song
  5. Thousands Or More
  6. Sussex By The Sea

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