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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

SDFS at the Southdowns Folk Festival, Sunday 27th September 2015

Here's the latest information for singers going to the Southdowns Folk Festival in Hotham Park, Bognor, where we will be performing on the Bandstand Stage. Please be there by 11.45am at the very latest to be ready to sing at midday. There is usually street parking available in the estates to the north of the A259 above the University Campus with a 5-10 minute walk.

Download a site map using this link.

You can see what else is going on at the Folk Festival here. There is much to see and to listen to!

Song List
  1. Country Life
  2. On Sussex Hills
  3. West Sussex Drinking Song
  4. The Nightingale
  5. Life of a Man
  6. Hard Times of old England
  7. Dancing at Whitsun
  8. Fathom the Bowl
  9. Rosebuds in June
  10. Thousands or More
  11. Jolly Good Song

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Singing at the Worthing Beach Clean and Coastal Fair – Saturday 19th September

With thanks to Barbara and Amaryllis for their work on this.

Please arrive by 12.30pm to meet on the seafront at the Beach House grounds – this is east of Worthing pier and near to the new Splashpoint Leisure Centre (postcode BN11 2EN), the replacement for the Aquarena. We will need to be ready to sing at 12.45pm. The suggested song list is below.

[ If you have to ask for directions, be sure not to get Splashpoint (the leisure centre) confused with Splash Point (which is where the Rowing Club is). Also don't get Beach House (the Regency beach-side villa) confused with The Beach House Bar-Café or The Beach House Hotel. ]

If possible please bring some spare copies of the song words – it’s been suggested we might try to get the audience to join in the singing.

FYI - Earlier in the day there will be breakfast on sale before the Big Beach Clean-up starts at 10.00am – and a free paella lunch afterwards for the registered volunteers! So do arrive early and join in if you can. Various other stalls and activities will be available during the day.

(For more details go to the “Transition Town Worthing” website:

Song List
  1. Country Life
  2. On Sussex Hills
  3. The Nightingale Song
  4. West Sussex Drinking Song
  5. Thousands Or More
  6. Sussex By The Sea

Arundel Festival – 31st August 2015

Here are some photos from Amaryllis of us singing in the Market Square in Arundel, after our performance on the stage in Jubilee Gardens.

Monday, 14 September 2015

A.G.M. Notice

Wednesday October 7th 2015 at the Beechwood Hall Hotel in Worthing. To start at 7.00 p.m. to precede our singing session.

The AGM is not only a necessary formality but also a chance to celebrate and review the achievements of our second year as the independent “South Downs Folk Singers”, and to look ahead and make plans for our next year. As usual, the Meeting Minutes file, the Constitution and the Accounts will all be available to view – and there will be the annual Elections for our Committee.

At the meeting the current Committee will effectively resign to allow for the elections, and although they may stand again for re-election new and additional candidates are always welcome.

If you are interested in contributing your ideas and energies to the Committee and would like to be a candidate in the Elections please let us have your name, the name of another singer who is willing to nominate you, and another happy to second this.

You do not have to take on a specific role on the Committee to be a member of it – but just to say – there are vacancies for the following: Minutes Secretary and Publicity Officer, and if you can help out with either of these tasks that will be of great help to us all!

Also, we need to cover for the absence of our Treasurer during 2016. Our current Treasurer will be away for much of next year, but hopes to resume in the autumn of 2016. She will be around until December to handover to her understudy before she goes.

So, if you’re interested in joining the Committee please contact me as soon as possible via the SDFS email address (

Voting will be conducted at the AGM by a show of hands and carried on a simple majority of those present.

It may not be easy for all our singers to get to the AGM, even though it is at the most central of our regular singing venues, but it will be great to see as many of you there as possible – for the meeting first and to enjoy the singing afterwards.

See you at The Beechwood, 7.00pm, October 7th.

Henny (Chairperson)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

'Secrets of the Heath', Petersfield, Sunday 6th September 2015

Update Friday 4th September:  Please note the song list has been revised.

Here are the details for singers participating at this event.

We will use the same song list as Arundel and singers should arrive by 12.45hrs. The programme for this event indicates our performance will take place 1.15-2.00pm in the 'Amphitheatre'.

Song List (revised 4th September)
  1. Old Adam
  2. Twankey Dillo
  3. On Sussex Hills
  4. Drink My Brave Boys
  5. Green Grow The Laurel
  6. Fathom The Bowl
  7. Life Of A Man
  8. Glorious Ale
  9. Country Life
  10. Come Write Me Down
  11. Rosebuds In June
  12. Gooches Beer
  13. The Nightingale Song
  14. Home Lads, Home
  15. Thousands Or More
  16. Half A Pint Of Burtons

Here is the organisers' map showing the location of the 'Amphitheatre', which is close to the 'Main Arena':

Please be aware: the organisers have produced this map 'upside down' - north is at the bottom, not at the top as it is on the map on the flier above. Use this link to see the location of the Amphitheatre on Google Maps (the right way up!), which will also allow you to obtain directions to Petersfield Heath and public transport options.

See the official website for this event, where you can download the full programme of events for the weekend.

2015 SDFS Events Programme Update

Here's an update from John C regarding the present situation (as at 30th August) with regard to the various main events we have committed to till the end of the year. NB The times given are the times of our various performances, not the times when singers will need to arrive.

Petersfield 'Secrets of the Heath': Sunday 6th September, 13.15-14.00hrs
15 have volunteered. We are in the amplified Amphitheatre in the middle of the site. Amaryllis has been asked to lead, a volunteer for song announcements would be appreciated.

South Downs Folk Festival: Sunday 27th September, 12.00-12.30hrs (note shorter slot)
17 have volunteered. Amplified main bandstand stage. Emily to lead, one-liners for song announcements due to the shorter set.

Slindon Apple Fair: Saturday 10th October, time to be confirmed at meeting next week
21 have volunteered. Amplified open-fronted marquee. Emily to lead, David with song announcements.

Chichester University Halloween Folklore Event: Saturday 31st October, 14.00-16.00hrs
11 have volunteered. This will be similar to the March Slindon Church event with us singing in between other contributions. There was some confusion by the organiser's change of date to early on the preceding Tuesday evening, but the event is now back on the Saturday. We don't have a lead or a song announcer, so unless there are more volunteers available for the confirmed date, I will probably have to cancel asap.

WADOAMuseum Christmas Market: Sunday 15th November, times tbc but 2 sets
11 have volunteered. As before this is an event where you will need a pass to enter freely to the site. Emily leading, song announcer to volunteer.

Winter Festival Haywards Heath: Saturday 28th November, 11.15-12.00hrs
13 have volunteered. The Orchard Shopping Precinct is providing us with an open fronted marquee for our two sets, and we will have the church hall with warmth and free beverages to use during the day. Lead and song announcer to be decided.

Uppark House: December
The kind N.T. request to take part in the 19thC themed event in December at Uppark House has been provisionally deferred to December 2016 due to Singers' other commitments, much as we deferred our visit to 'Bateman's' by a year with such good results. There is also the possibility of contributing to an event at Hinton Ampner next year as well.