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Saturday, 28 March 2015

'Food & Folk Festival' at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, Sunday 3rd May 2015

Update 13th April: The times and location have been added at the end of this post.
A new one for us as the folk element of the weekend has come to the fore to ring changes on the previous format.

We will be doing two approximately 30 minute sets, one before lunch and one afterwards, exact times and other details will be confirmed to participating Singers at least 10 days before the event.

For this year at the Museum we have been issued with wristbands for the day, instead of passes which will make it easier for you to return to your vehicles in the overflow car park during the day if you want to.

Please in the first instance email me ( that you are definitely coming and whether you can pick up your wristband at one of the three monthly meetings in April, at Worthing, Midhurst or Lewes. I will have them with me on the 1st April meeting at Worthing.

As it is the beginning of the season there will be an EXTRA TIME practice session on Wednesday 29th April at the Beechwood Hotel, Worthing to polish up the selected song list for the Museum performances which will form the core of our set list for the season, with odd songs added or deleted to suit the various venues through to October.

John C

The organiser's website is here.
Here are the songs we will be singing (download this list here):
First Set:
  1. Twanky Dillo
  2. On Sussex Hills
  3. Ale, Glorious Ale
  4. Life Of A Man
  5. The Nightingale Song
  6. Hard Times Of Old England
  7. All Things Are Quite Silent
  8. Green Grow The Laurel
  9. Rolling In The Dew
  10. Rosebuds In June
  11. Fathom The Bowl
Second Set:
  1. West Sussex Drinking Song
  2. Old Adam
  3. Ha’nacker Mill
  4. Country Life
  5. Ladies Go Dancing
  6. Thousands Or More
  7. Ebernoe Horn Fair
  8. Gooch’s Beer
  9. Rosebuds In June
  10. Home Lads, Home
  11. Sussex By The Sea
We will be singing 12.00-12.30pm and 2.00-2.30pm in the main field adjacent to the tea tent in the middle of the food area, or if very wet under the brick shed. Please arrive well before we are due to start singing.

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