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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Local Group News – Easebourne Local Meetings

Easebourne Thursday on the 20th November will held at The White Horse, Easebourne Street, Easebourne, GU29 0AL. We have relocated as the Three Moles have a darts match arranged on the same night. We will be back at The Three Moles in December for a festive get together.

Shirley B

A summary for the coming months:
Thursday 20th   7:45pm  Easebourne Thursday at The White Horse, Easebourne

Thursday 18th   7:45pm  Easebourne Thursday at The Three Moles, Selham

Thursday 15th   7:45pm  Easebourne Thursday at The Three Moles, Selham

Thursday 19th   7:45pm  Easebourne Thursday, venue to be confirmed

Weald & Downland Christmas Market – Sunday 16th November 2014 – last call

I have a few passes left for participating Singers at this event.

First come first served, with a cut off date of midnight on the 5th November.

I will be at the monthly Beechwood session to issue passes and complete the list. If you can't make it, email or phone me and I will mail the pass to you, I'm sending out two today. I will be in Cornwall for a week from this Saturday so they will eventually turn up well before the date.

We will do a final selection of the seasonal songs that we will be singing at the two sessions during the day and I will confirm them with you on the 6th by email but as usual at this event, bring along your own sheets of lyrics if you need them, as some of the songs will be the least familiar to you of our repertoire.

John C

Monday, 20 October 2014

Film Screening of ‘The Just Cause’ – Worthing’s Community Play

The film of ‘The Just Cause – Victorian Romance and a Rollicking Good Riot’ is being shown on the Big Screen on SUNDAY, November 9th at 3pm at the Worthing Pavilion. This was Worthing’s unique community play that took place in June this year and included a cast of 200 and a total audience of around 1,500.

Many South Downs Folk Singers took part in the play or came along to see it. Ann Feloy, writer and director, who ran the South Downs Songs workshops with Chris Hare and Emily Longhurst, included a number of the traditional songs of the South Downs in the play which everyone sang along to.

Admission on November 9th FREE. Doors open at 2.30pm, so please come early to avoid disappointment.

If you didn’t get to see the play, now’s your chance. This is a one-off event to see the film on a cinema screen. Don’t miss out on all the fun.

Ann Feloy
History People UK

Update 30th October:
News from the Worthing Herald is here, where we are told the DVD of the performance will be on sale for £5.
A review of the play is here.

Various related videos on YouTube:
The Riot Scene
Chris Hare shares his knowledge of the Christ Church in Worthing (venue of the Community Play 2014)
Worthing Community Play Trailer
The first songs workshop for singers in the Worthing Community Play.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Follow us on Twitter...

Here's a message from Julie T, who is looking after our brand new Twitter account:

I am giving Twitter a go as a way of promoting the SDFS, both to encourage new singers to join us and for possible future event bookings. If you would like to follow the Twitter feed we are the SDownsFolkSingers. As you can see, the Twitter feed has also now been added to the Blog (it's in the column to the left, below the Diary panel). It would be good to get some followers from the SDFS, but primarily I will be following other organisations such as the Weald & Downland Museum, The South Downs Folk Festival, and Amberley Museum etc. so that we get our name out and about.

Any suggestions for either who to follow on Twitter or anything you would like to be Tweeted you can either email me at (bearing in mind you can only send out a maximum of 140 characters per Tweet), or if you are a Twitter user, Tweet us yourself!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Easebourne Thursday in Selham tomorrow

Here's a reminder that this month's Easebourne Thursday (16th October) is almost upon us and, in case we have any new singers who are not yet aware of this, our Easebourne Thursday singing session is not in Easebourne, it's a few miles away in Selham, in The Three Moles (postcode GU28 0PN).