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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Horses at War - Saturday 7 June

Update for Horses at War event

Setlist (final confirmation on 4 June at the Beechwood session):

Home Lads Home
All Things are Quite Silent*
Hard Times of Old England
Ladies Go Dancing at Whitsun
Life of a Man
Rosebuds in June
* may be omitted if thought singers not yet sufficiently au fait with it

then Good In Parts will sing

My Boy Jack
Black & Gold

then SDFS will resume with

Thousands or More
On Sussex Hills
Fathom the Bowl
Rolling Home
Sussex by the Sea

John C will not be the SDFS contact (to liaise with the WDOAM's Sue O'Keeffe on the day) so we need one of the singers to fulfill this role.  Step forward, please!  If you are happy to do this, please contact John as soon as possible for details.

Singers' passes
As usual, please ensure you have obtained yours in good time: you must contact John C by midnight on 31 May for pick-up at the Beechwood session on 4 June (or by post: he will need your address).

It looks unlikely that we shall have amplification on the day.

Adrian F

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