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Friday, 20 December 2013

Local Group Report – Easebourne Thursday 19th December 2013

A huge thank you to Shirley and Clive for their hospitality at this last Easebourne session of 2014.  We had a great sing and some lovely things to eat, especially Angela's Christmas sweetmeats!

We sang a few songs from the SDFS canon, but explored others too:

Dave G sang Old Jacky Frost written by Barrie Temple, The Year turns round again / Snow Falls by John Tams,  a Christmas medley which included snippets of Let It Snow / Santa Claus is coming to Town / Jingle Bell Rock / Jingle Bells and of course we finished with John Tams' Rolling Home.

Sue sang I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, which Tina correctly identified as based on the 1863 poem by American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (we are a knowledgable lot!)

We also had a bit of fun after the eats, singing two of the drinking songs we learned at Chris Hare's Ale and Hearty day in Lewes, namely The Man who Waters the Workers' Beer and Ale Glorious Ale which might be fun for the SDFS to learn next year.

Alan sang a lovely song by Colin Gates called Fields Lie Silent (see the YouTube version by Martyn Wyndham-Read).  We also sang the Coppers' Christmas Song and the parody Batter Your Sole.

Shirley sang her version of Country Life which is another song worth learning (also on YouTube by the Watersons).

And after that, we collapsed!

Dave G

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