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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Xmas party

The subject of a Xmas get-together was raised at the Worthing session last night and all were keen for there to be some sort of event.  Everyone agreed that last year's bash at the Barn in Horsham was a good do.  Trouble is, that cost over £500, with a contribution for that coming from the SDS.  But if we got 50 people @ £10 we could do it again .....

But there are other options:
  • hiring a cheaper place and singing  / reciting / storytelling amongst ourselves would be great fun: many of us sing other sorts of songs in other places and it would be nice to hear some of these;
  • wassailing after Xmas when things get a bit dull - people's Decembers get horribly busy.
Ideas, anyone?  We do need to get cracking though, or we'll ALL be booked up .....

Adrian F / Linda T

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