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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Brighton Heritage Day, Saturday 14 September

For those of you not singing at the sheep fair, we have been invited to take part in the Brighton Dome and Museum Heritage Day at the Dome complex on Saturday week.

The details are only now known: suffice to say, we have very little time to decide on this one.  They need to know by Monday latest whether we will participate so please e-mail me (not John) if you are interested.

They are being very flexible: we can do one or more sets of varying length anywhen between 1100 and 1600.  We will be in the Dome Bar at the east end on a small stage - we will have mikes and be amplified: the sound is excellent apparently as the acoustics are very good.

I suggest we mainly do the upbeat songs as it won't be a folk music audience per se.  We can decide on what times we sing when the singers and their availability are known.  Best thing is to e-mail me and say "I'm up for it - but only between 2 and 4" - or something like that:  then I can gauge whether or not we can do it.  We'll only need about ten minimum, I reckon.

E-mail me now!!

Adrian F

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