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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Balcombe - Anti-fracking singsong

Hullabaloo and other choirs are gathering in Balcombe on Sunday as part of the overall protest against the proposed fracking that is due to take place there in due course.  I mention it here as it may be that SDFS members might wish to join with other choirs on this occasion; I have another engagement or would offer to lead a group.  I would stress though that this would NOT be an official SDFS event but, since we sing together, we might like to attend.  If anyone would like to organize something, please reply to this post and maybe leave contact details for others to join with you.

This is the Hulla facebook entry:

"Join a collective of choirs from across the South East and Belt It Out @ Balcombe. Bring your best pair of lungs and any instruments you claim to be able to play. Led by the Brighton City Singers choir Director, MJ Paranzino, this is a family-friendly event and open to all. We’ll sing and stand as one – a formidable and harmonious show of community protection!

Suggested dress-code: all clothing and shoes, black and white, with a yellow ribbon for your wrist or sash. TOTALLY NON-COMPULSORY, but unified colours will counteract the corporate media's incesant attempts to divide and catorgorise us."


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