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Friday, 7 June 2013


A message from Chris 

Hello all,

As the 16th is fast approaching, here are the plans and details for any of you who don't already know...
If you are planning to sing during the day you'll need your pass from John if you want free entry for yourself and a guest. John Crane
We'll be singing at 1pm and at 4pm in the Market Square.
Here are the songs for each performance, good rollicking faves:
Fathom, Nightingale, Rosebuds, Sussex Wedding Song, Hard Times, Thousands or more, and to finish, Jolly Good Song.
4pm, Twanky Dillo, Old Adam, Green Grow the Laurel, Sussex Hills,
Ebernoe Horn Fair, W Sussex Drinking Song, and Jolly Good Song.
Then we'll gather at about 6.30 for 7pm at the Gridshell, no passes needed.
Those of you who will be joining in with the day and the evening can head up to the gridshell as the museum itself closes to the public. The cafe stays open til 5, and just down the road is the Partridge Inn at Singleton which does nice food. SO plenty of places to while away the afternoon.
Once in the Gridshell we'll sing a few more of our songs, beginning with...
Sussex Hills, Sussex Wedding Song, Rosebuds, Shepherd of the Downs,
Rolling in the Dew....
and then we can take requests!
And do bring along a song of your own to share if you fancy, it'd be lovely to hear some unfamiliar ones too.
As there is a goodly number of us it's been decided that a bring and share is the best plan. so, Gentlemen would you please bring something sweet, and Ladies please bring something savoury. That way we should have a veritable feast between us.
And also bring your own drink, whatever you fancy, alcoholic or non, and your favourite thing to drink it out of. Otherwise you'll be sipping from plastic cups, not nearly so pleasureable!
During the evening we will also receive our grand final cd!!!! The glorious fruit of all our hard and joyful work.
And, as a nod toward those among us who favour some sort of unified attire, please come with a flower in your button hole, or thereabouts.
Really looking forward to seeing you all, and singing our hearts out!
Chris, Ann and Emily

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