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Friday, 31 May 2013


Saturday JUNE 29th Amberley 

We still need a few more singers to come along to this event. We have a stage area with amplification which is great if it rains!
You need to contact John by 9th June if you are coming ( with a free entry potential guest)  so the passes can be arranged

John Crane

Beechwood Wednesday is on the 5th June

7.30 for 8pm Beechwood Hall Hotel, Worthing

New singers always welcome. We learn songs by listening and singing along together so come on down and join us!

Monday, 27 May 2013


Dear All

Thought I'd report back on the second Lewes session Tuesday.

There was a real sense of a growing group last Tuesday. We had 13 (six more than last time !) including two more newbies.
We did The South Downs Folk Singers theme song plus debuted the East Sussex Drinking Song.  I announced that the latter wasn't finished but was told that four verses was quite enough thank you so I suppose it is .... It went down very well, anyway. Perhaps we can do it at the Beechwood on 5th!

Otherwise, it was the usual songs and nonetheless fun for that.  And to prove we were game for anything, we did the Sussex Wedding Song split men / women (2 men/11 women!)

Onwards and upwards!

PS don't forget Beechwood Wednesday on the 5th June in Worthing

Monday, 20 May 2013


"Well done to all those who came along on Saturday for the 'Big Sing. We achieved our goal of going through the complete repertoire of 22 songs with their harmonies. What fine voices you have. It is wonderful to think so many of you came and want to continue singing these songs at festivals and events, as well as among yourselves. Chris, Emily and myself had no idea the South Downs Songs Project would prove to be so successful.
Finally, we would just like to say 'thank you' to the South Downs Society for paying for our time on Saturday. Originally, we were going to ask everyone to pay £5 to cover our costs and photocopying expenses, but the SDS kindly offered to pay these. They have also donated funds towards the cost of producing a publicity leaflet for the SDFS and will be providing 100 copies of the final CD for you to sell at events, for a possible £10 a time. We are very grateful to the SDS for their continued support."
Ann Feloy


Tuesday 21st May    Lewes Tuesdays                   7.30pm to 10pm
The Royal Oak,Station Street, Lewes (lovely venue)

PLEASE support this group in order to establish a singing opportunity for  East Sussex

With the leaflets being printed about the SDFS, it will be an ideal time to spread the word in this area.

A Big Thank You for all who attended the Big Sing on Saturday!

What a wonderful day and so good to see so many of you who want to continue singing!

Saturday, 4 May 2013



If you havent put your name down but want to come along, please do, however you may have to share words. Alternatively you could bring your words if you have them and alter them if required.

There's 45 people attending!

see you there



We now have an  HELP REQUIRED page.

There are a few members who are really working hard to try and not only sustain but increase the membership of the SDFS and they need your help.

Please check it out and reply to Adrian.

Updates so far(mid May)

Saturday 18th May  - The Big Sing 

The Beechwood Hotel, Worthing  10am for 10.30 to 4.00pm

This session will be a good opportunity to really get the words and harmonies of all the songs under our belts. We will be singing/learning all the songs which were not taught in the other groups and cracking the harmonies. Ann and Emily will be there steering us in the right direction. Please let southdownsfolksingers@gmail know if you are coming as they need to know numbers for words etc. LOADS of you are coming! Hooray! 

Events over the summer.Who is able to sing?

John Crane, is now coordinating all the events and needs to let all event organisers know if the SDFS are able to attend in sufficient numbers, so PLEASE get back to him as soon as possible. He has been flooded by requests for the SDFS to attend at local events throughout the summer, but if singers aren't responding early enough to him, he may have to decline their invitations, which would be a shame as its an ideal opportunity to promote the SDFS and increase the membership

Local events  as well as Bigger Sings

There are 'local' events on the DIARY DATES page. Again please reply promptly to John if you can go.

Sunday June 16th 'Sussex Day': at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum,10.30 to 5.00pm- Looking OK but could do with a few more 'Yes's'


6.30pm for 7pm singing in the Gridshell and the launch of the SDFS CD!

If you would like to go along and sing in groups in the day (like the flashmob) you will need to let John know as he has kindly managed to get FREE passes for the singers and one other during the day. Its free to get in for the Big Sing and CD launch at 7pm

Saturday June 29th Arts & Music Festival, 

Amberley Chalkpits Museum, Amberley.

You will need to let John know as he has kindly managed to get FREE passes for the singers.There is a covered venue if the weather is bad. John will need to give the museum as much notice as possible about number attending and for the passes to be made up so email him now if you can make it! More details to follow More replies needed !

July 24th Annual 'WDOAM Volunteers 'Thank You' Hog Roast' (vegetarian option available!) @ the WDOAM  

6.30pm for 7.00pm in a Marquee on the event field. Only 5 spaces left

The singers participating are provided with the free roast, artisan ice cream and beer/wine as a thank you for attending. 30 maximum
(bribes to John). Again as Singers are being catered for John needs to have firm commitment before the end of June as over half of the places are already reserved.

Sunday August 25th (provisional TBC) 

Arundel Festival, River Stage.

As this event is heavily advertised in advance, please email John NOW if you are able to attend.Cover & amplification provided. MORE SINGERS REQUIRED

Saturday 14th September Findon Sheep Fair.

Open air so 35+ needed to make ourselves heard- no cover,no amplification just pure singing for the joy of it!

There are other events to follow but please check out the 'DIARY DATES' page

and there is new info on the 'June events' page