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Friday, 18 January 2013


Plans for the SDFS singers this year

A meeting has been set up for several members of the group to look at what venues we should sing at this year. Popular favourites were The Arundel Festival (August) and singing at the 'Sussex Day 'in June. It would also be nice to sing carols again too. As soon as anything has been decided the dates will be published on the blog and we hope you will reply to us saying you can sing with us. In the meantime.........

Belloc Celebration Day, Saturday 23rd February

This event is being organised by Gerard Henratty of the Belloc blog

Starting Saturday afternoon and going on to the evening. A Pub and Singing - what could be better! see the 'February Page' on the blog

 Wolverton Manor IOWSeptember 'Weekender'


Self catering weekend,

Friday 27th September - Sunday 29th September, Northcourt, Shorwell,  Isle of Wight

Northcourt s the largest of the Jacobean manor houses on the Isle of Wight and is situated in the beautiful and tranquil south-west quadrant of the island. It is run with real love and dedication by John and Christine Harrison, those ancestors look down on you from old family portraits hanging in the lounge and dining rooms.  There are two communal kitchens, where we can prepare our meals - this will be a self-catering weekend (please bring your own food). 

Below  is a sample of the itinerary. To find out more check out the 'Folk Singing Weekend' Page

Friday: Arrive from 3pm onwards and explore the lovely gardens around Northcourt
(open to all residents). Have a meal and then the first singing session that evening.

Saturday: Breakfast
In the daytime, learn new songs and discover the history of the Isle of Wight with a talk from Chris. Evening meal locally


Sunday:   Breakfast (by 10am) and checkout from Northcourt

11am  Guided walk up onto the local downs, lead by Chris(to include stop at pub in neighbouring village)
All depart and leave Isle of Wight by 4pm


It should be a great weekend!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


What, Where and When to sing in 2013?

Wednesday 9th January, Beechwood Hotel, Worthing

7.30pm to 9pm

The South Downs Folk Singers have been great success during 2012

With the current workshops finishing at the end of March, we need to think about the future for the SDFS.
We would love to see you there. Please come along with your ideas and suggestions.
If you are not able to make it,  email with any thoughts on the future events, or ideas which could improve things. All suggestions considered